• Welfare Acitivites

ICL believes in carrying a number of welfare activities for its employees which not only helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high but also instill a feeling amongst the employees that they are an integral part of the company and are duly taken care of as an important asset.

The company makes strenuous efforts to not only provide its workers with a better life but also relieve the workers from industrial fatigue and to improve intellectual, cultural and material conditions of living of the workers. Facilities like educational and other recreational benefits are provided to the workers families which in turn helps in raising their standard of living.

The welfare activities of the company are not restricted to the employees. The company goes a step ahead in promoting welfare activities for women as well. They completely is a pioneer in promoting women in its workforce and supporting the cause of women equality.

  • Environment concern

  • Established environment policy
  • Obedient to Emission Norms at all stages of production
  • High priority to environment richness and up gradation
  • Conserving natural resources and restoring them is a key factor and lesser fuel utilization leads to a healthier Environment- as guided by Sustainable Development
  • Best practice guide lines and Environment training at all levels

  • Safety principles

  • All occupational accidents are preventable
  • Safety is one's utmost responsibility and priority
  • Managers and supervisors are responsible to train all the workers to work safely
  • All operating exposures can be reasonably safe guard
  • Preventing injuries and accidents results in success
  • We believe in human safety first followed by machine and product safety
  • Zero accident policyo


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